Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Film camera guide: Lomography part 1

Lomography Haul
What is Lomography?
Lomography is a style of photography that emerged in the 90's. Lomography is characterized by it's cheap snapshot aesthetic, over saturated colors, off-kilter exposure and blurring. Since Lomography was introduced there has been a more lighthearted approach to photography.

One of the girls
Diana F +
Cost: US$ 52.66
Film type: 120

The Diana camera is known for it's dreamy and radiant images. In the past few years the Diana F + has been faithfully reproduced with an addition of new features.
You can view a list of Diana F + cameras here
Action Sampler
Film type: 35mm
Cost: $39.19
The Action Sampler is a lightweight camera that captures 4 images on one 35mm print, this is because the the camera has 4 lenses that capture a sequence of images.
See sample images here

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Pop 9
Cost: US$ 43.24
The Pop 9 is similar to the Action Sampler but instead of capturing 4 images, it captures 9. The Pop 9 has a built in flash and works well in the low-light situations.
See sample images here

Oktomat Cost: $43.24
Film types: 35mm
The Oktomat is the same as the Pop 9 and Action Sampler but instead takes 8 images on 1 slide.
See sample images here.

Lubitel 166+
US$ 368.92
Film Type: 35mm, 120mm

The Lubitel is a medium format lomo camera that can shoots both 35mm and medium format film. It is a remake from the Lomographic Society International.
See sample images here.

Lomo Smena 8m
Cost: $ 80.00
Film type: 35mm
The Lomo Smena is a lightweight camera that emerged in the 70's, it's known for it's gorgeous colours and saturation and also has a 'Triplet' lens.
See sample images here


Aislinn said...

Thanks :)
this was so helpful

Anonymous said...

What about Holga???

rosanguyen said...

I've got a four lens, I love it :D

Galaxy Butterfly said...

I really liked this post. I've been looking for a film camera like this for a while and was thinking of getting a Holga. These are pretty nice! I had never heard of multiple objective cameras!

Mumrikken said...

I simply need to get a film camera soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey, okay, so i found my fathers old nikon slr, but i decided i'd switch it up and buy lomo film...
will that make a difference on the color quality?
(i want it to)

Sara said...

I have a film SLR, but I'm dying to get my hands on a medium format camera. Oh, the dream.

Sid Black said...

This is great!!
But just a few suggestions, YOU FORGOT THE LC-A!!! That is like, essential! And also, the ten golden rules of lomography would be a pretty good addition
( 1. Take your camera everywhere you go
2. Use it any time – day and night
3. Lomography is not an interference in your life, but part of it
4. Try the shot from the hip
5. Approach the objects of your lomographic desire as close as possible
6. Don’t think (william firebrace)
7. Be fast
8. You don’t have to know beforehand what you captured on film
9. Afterwards either
10. Don’t worry about any rules )

And finally, it's just 120 film, not 120mm :)

Cait Wade said...

The Octomat reminds me of a spider! Great write-up!

Sarah with an "h" said...

So this has totally inspired me to start looking into Lomography and searching for a good camera. I've seen these types of photos before; just didn't know what it was called. Thanks! Future posts on this subect would be much appreciated!


Barbara said...

I'm into lomography too! it rocks

jess said...

The one that takes 8 pictures looks really awesome.

helloiloveyou. said...

These look so fantastic! You have inspired me to look more into this.

Indie.Tea said...

O, what a helpful tutorial. I'm going to bookmark it. :)

Linnea said...

I love lomo effects and all. This was really helpful!

Shukura Li said...

that gold lomo camera is too pretty
i love the lomo effect i'd kill for the diani mini...not feeling havin to buy the 35mm back for it tho

its kinda teef


sophi said...

great post, and yes the rules is a good point, also Lomography started in the late 70s.

in 2006-ish i used to go to the library and take the only lomo book available but it was in Russian at that time I didn't know anything about Lomo I always wonder what is this? how did they took all this photos?.... :s ....I used to spend HOURS just looking all pages. Eventually later that year I did my research and knew all about Lomo.

Such a lovely post!!!

Skye said...

This is amazing ♥
What cute cameras! I really want one now.

Michelle said...

what an awesome post! thanks so much for doing this :) i've only recently acquired a holga and i'm already looking to expand my lomo collection, haha.

Jessica said...

i need that last one in my life. It is pretty just to look at !

Anonymous said...

But it's the Diana Mini that you've got right? The Diana is so pretty. It's the best among the affordable right?