Friday, July 16, 2010

Fashion Blogs

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This is Glamorous
This is Glamorous is an award-winning design & lifestyle blog which explores a wide arrange of topics including design, interiors, travel, fashion, art, photography etc.

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So Much To Tell You
So Much To Tell You launched in 2008 s as a way to stay in touch and share inspiration. The owners of the blog both work or a fashion website called Runway Reporter, and since then their work has appeared in publications including Russh, Fashion Quarterly, No, the NZ Herald, Yen, Pulp and more.

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Rose Fiona Bettina
Blog by Rosa Fiona, she posts a lot of photos of her daily life and cute outfits.

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The Pandora blog started started a few years ago. She is also friends with Cherry Blossom Girl. I can't find much info on her, it's all in French :/

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Cherry Blossom Girl
Cherry Blossom Girl is a blog by Alix, a recent fashion school graduate and designer with her own fashion line. She also does a bit of editorial work on the side. CBG started in the February of 2007 when she was in the midst of preparing her end of the year collection.

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Alicepoint describes herself as a "Trendsetter and shopaholic. However, really reasonable and not extravagant. Oversensitive to aesthetics. But tolerant. Strongly attached to her opinions and outlook".

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Dawn said...

Thanks for sharing these great blogs! They all make me want to go into my closet and re-invent all the items I have in there.

Amy said...

Thanks for the list :) I use Google Reader, which has an option to "Translate into my language." It's slightly rough, but I've used it for Pandora and a couple others with success! Once you translate, you won't have to do it again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the list! I will check out each and every one and I won't get a rest till I explore to my hearts content!

Pandora is by Louise Ebel. She's an Art History student. She's wrote quite a bit about herself + Q&A on her blog actually. You can translate the page into English. Noticed the little flags?

@Amy Thank you for pointing out the translate feature! I didn't notice it!

P.S I haven't forgotten those shoes since I saw them somewhere. *dies in envy*

Mani said...

I love this list! They're all so amazing, gaah

Ms. Chyme said...

Great! I always love Cherry Blossom blog...

Indie.Tea said...

The only one of those I've visited is the Cherry Blossom blog. The rest sound lovely, thanks for introducing me to some new blogs.

Anonymous said...


Bardot in Blue said...

wow you have an extraordinarly beautiful blog!! i just found it and in love!

I would be honored to be on such an amazing list as these girls :-)

xoxo Bardot in Blue

. said...

i love those shoes!

kaye said...