Friday, February 12, 2010

Interview: Raul Romo

I'm starting this thing where I'm interviewing photographers now. Not in real life, I'm just sending out questions to photographers mainly on flickr that I really admire. Heres the 1st interview :)

Raul Romo
Age: 15
Where are you from?: I'm from San Diego, California

Tools of the trade: Well, I use a Canon 50d for digital work, as well as a polaroid fil camera. I just received an instax film camera for christmas, so hopefully I'll post some of those onto flickr! Also, I have lighting setup for studio work.

Artistic Influences: I'm deeply influenced by Paolo Roversi, Steven Meisel, Camilla Akrains, as well as fellow flickr members like Eleanor Hardwick and Chrissie White

Why do you like photography/art: I love photography because it gives me a chance to use many of my favorite art forms to produce an even greater art.

Random facts/info: I've only been taking photos for about a year and a half. I had discovered photography at a birthday party, when a friend of one of my friends was photographing her. I was so amazed, that I wanted to give it a try!




Anonymous said...

that's such a good idea! kudos :)

Karen said...

Only 15? I'm totally amazed!

Anonymous said...

很用心的blog,推推哦 ........................................

Artpixie said...

I know I was amazed too. It looks like a magazine editorial D:
睡衣: is that spam? :S

tabitha said...
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tabitha said...

wow what beautiful photos!