Friday, February 19, 2010

Interview: Annette Pehrsson (Welcome Ghosts)

Name: Annette Pehrsson

Age: 21

Where are you from?: Halmstad, Sweden

Tools of the trade: Zenit-B, Polaroid sx-70, Photina Reflex tlr for film and Canon 350d and Nikon d70 for digital.

Artisitic influences and how much does it influence your work?:
Oh, there's so many people who inspire me, and I feel especially influenced by incredible, young, talented people on flickr. I just love sitting in front of my screen, clicking around and discovering new artists. I don't know how much it really influences my own work, but when browsing other peoples photography I feel that I'm often drawn to a certain "style", and maybe this is the kind I make myself, if that makes any sense?

Why do you like photography/art and what do you get out of it?:
I've been sitting here trying to figure out why I like it so much, but I can't think of a good answer. Basically, I've been raised with photography since my father is a photographer as well (or at least when he was younger and more active), and I think I've grown to love everything about it. I can honestly say that photography is what's keeping me happy, if I didn't have this I would be so bored all the time.

What motivates and inspires you?(films/music/people ect):
Anything, really. If I were to mention a film or two I would have to say that Krzysztof Kieslowski's films always make me feel inspired and motivated to pick up a camera. He made the Trois Couleurs trilogy and one of my favorite films of all time - La double vie de Véronique.

Where do you see yourself in the future?:
Still with a camera in my hands, preferably living in a bigger city somewhere. I would also love to open up a public gallery, where more unknown photographers can show their work and be exposed. If this will happen or not, I don't know, but I can always fantasize.

Where did you learn how to edit and do you have any tips?:
I took photography classes during secondary school and that's where I first was introduced to photoshop. We learned the basics and I've learned the rest from experimenting, I guess. There's so many different techniques when it comes to editing, so it's hard to give tips, but I think one important thing is to not do too much (unless that's what you're trying to achieve). A photograph should be able to rely on itself and not just on the editing.

Who/what/where are important parts of your photographic process?:
Light, location, tripod and my boyfriend who helps me a lot. When I can't set of the timer he does it for me, so you could say that he's like a large remote control that I give directions to, haha. Both the timer and tripod is an important part as well since I often use myself as a model.

Film or digital?:
Definitely film, it's so much more fun to work with and often gives a little more interesting results.

Anything else you'd like to share? (favorite bands/movies ect.):
I like Joy Division and I think your blog is pretty!




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thank you :) the last photo is my boyfriend's though!

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