Friday, November 16, 2012

Ice Cream Package Mockup

I just finished my design course for the year, it's so great to be on holidays right now.
This is a bunch photos of my final ice cream package design, which ended up being printed on really good quality stock, same one I posted briefly here.
It was a pretty long brief that went on for a whole semester and took a lot of hard work to get right. Overall I'm happy with it but I could've done a few more things to improve it and make it pop out more.

Ice Cream Box Design Untitled
I ended up changing the product logo because the original one just wasn't working well with the rest of the design. Untitled Ice Cream Box Design Untitled
Below is a picture of the ice cream wrapper we had to cut and make ourselves + make fake ice cream using sponges and popsicle sticks to fill in the wrapper.Ice Cream Wrapper

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