Sunday, October 14, 2012

Illustrations 14/10/2012

For my illustration class we had to illustrate a book on a topic we chose ourselves. My favorite band right now that I'm listening to non stop is The Killers so I chose to my book revolve around them. For each spread there was an illustration of one of their songs. I looked at the lyrics and tried to create ~*imagery~ from that. Although it was a bit hard sometimes because some of the lyrics are a bit vague.

Human Mr Brightside: Mr Brightside Runaways Runaways Bones Bones Untitled


Sydney L. said...

wow the colours are gorgeous

annawithlove said...

these are so whimsical and colourful they just made my entire Sunday happy!

Elizabeth MurguĂ­a said...

Wow this is amazing work!

julia wang said...

i love these!

Putri B. said...

whoa! these are perfect :)

missy pig said...

really nice illustrations! I like how you use colors sparingly but also effectively