Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Food blogs Part 1

I love you more than coffee


dessert for two on a stormy day

So I saw Inception on Friday, for those who have seen it...thoughts?
I was a bit confused until I found this, which explains a lot.

Design Sponge
Design Sponge is a daily website and blog run by Brooklyn based writer Grace Bonney.
You can view a list of great recipes here.

Canelle Et Vanelle
A blog by Aran a freelance food writer stylist and photographer.
The blog is named Canelle Et Vanille because the blog is filled with "the smells and tastes" of her childhood.
The blog is full of her recipes, travels and life stories. You can also take a look at her portfolio.

The Wednesday Chef
The Wednesday Chef is written by Luissa Weiss a home cook and writer from Berlin, Germany. She used to live in New York City where she edited cookbooks and blogged.

Orange is by Molly Wizenberg, she grew up in Oaklahoma but now lives in Seattle where she went to college and now blogs. She also spent a fair amount of time in Paris. She started Orangette in 2004 because she wasn't sure what to do with herself, but she was sure that it would involve food. She also met her husband through her blog.

You can view her index of recipes here

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Barbara said...

haven't seen it yet!!

nice links! have a lovely week


Casee Marie said...

Gorgeous photos!

I saw Inception just recently and thought it was rather confusing, too, but still incredibly entertaining. And the direction/cinematography were fantastic. Plus, Joseph Gordon-Levitt looked so lovely! (I have serious priorities when it comes to judging a movie, obviously.)