Sunday, June 6, 2010


These are some drawings I did over the past week. The first one is of photographer Nirrimi Hakason, you can follow her on blog and her flickr. She's one of my favorite photographers and she's currently in New York where she just shot one of her first campaigns for Diesel. You can view it here.

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Original pic:

These are just some random ones I did on Photoshop :

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Anonymous said...

I love your drawings! I'm currently using your 'Cherry Blossom Girl' drawing as my desktop :D

I'm pretty sure Nirrimi is in Sydney at the moment though?

rosanguyen said...

I adore your illustrations! I'm checking out Nirrimi's blog as we speak.

fayeee said...

love love your blog, I follow you on tumblr aswell and your choice in photography is just amazing!
Your drawings but my doodles to shame :"( darrrrn
lovely though and keep the randomness of your posts xD


ilovemyhouse said...

That goat is hilarious! I hope only the voices are alike. xx

Kim-Anh Nguyen ART said...

i really like your drawing and your blog!!! <3

Teresa said...

You're a fantastic, very talented drawer.


Caitlyn, Bees with Feathers said...

I love pen illustrations. It's my favorite, it's so real. I feel my sketches come out better when I just go for it in pen.

Barbara said...

That drawing is lovely

S and O said...

wow those art pieces are stunning!!!
you are so very talented :)
I love them...


p.s. lovely blog!

Juanduh. said...

i love thisssssssssssssssssss
i need it oneeeeee

violet strattenfield said...

Cool! I've never actually seen Nirrimi's actual face before. :) I like her a lot too. She's just amazing!

Cherry Runway said...

Wow...the 1st drawing is amazing!! Great job!!

You are quite talented. :)

Smiles to you!

muchlove said...

That drawing is amazing. I wish I had your talent!

Mrs.Dinosaur said...

You are so amazing, your drawings and your blog,too!!! :)
I really really like it so much and i wish i had your talent!

Maybe you can draw a picture of me for my header on my blog?

Nele <3

heleen said...

Aahhh, mad drawing skills! Honestly, I'm quite jealous now! But I'll try to take this jealousy and alter it into something more productive and take it as an encouragement to practice my own drawing skills ;) I'd love to see some more of your work once you have new things to share!

Esther said...

oh these are so lovely! i really like that one with the photoshopped summer dresses on. awesome idea. your works are amazing! <3