Friday, May 7, 2010

Favorite photos

Lampone by 6eternity9

71. : Sail away, little boat by Bittersweetvenom

52. : We are fragile by Bittersweetvenom

Alisa in Autumn by Katarinka

By Anna Aden

Natalia Vodianova #3
By photographer Guy Aroch, the model is Natalia Vodianova

By Anna Aden


by -dreamandawake-


By David Urbanke

By Moxiee


dancing_in_the_rain said...

these are all beautiful. you have great taste in favorites!
you are one of mine I must say :)

Shukura Li said...

the first 3 are such lovely delicate looking pictures

and i love the colours in the 4th


Buy Generic Viagra said...

men what a splendid pictures exhibition, by the way, I don't know who is the girl in the picture take it by David Urbanke, but she is really beauty!