Thursday, March 4, 2010

Interview: Ella Bailey

Ella Bailey


Where are you from?: England originally but i now live in France

Tools of the trade:
My DSLR, my analog SLR, my very heavy tripod, then all my filters and my remote and things .

Artisitic influences and how much does it influence your work?:
Other photographers are the biggest influence to my work. Of course, i must say Tim Walker , and then Saga Sig, Rachel Louise Brown, Ellen Rogers, Elena Kholkina, and David Hamilton are also big inspirations for me. There are also all my friends on flickr and tumblr (i will not list names or we shall be here all night !), who provide endless beautiful photographs to inspire me.

Why do you like photography/art and what do you get out of it?:
Photography is my way of making myself believe that magic is possible, and that my world really could exist. It is my way of getting all the strange thoughts out of my brain, and at the same time occupying my thoughts so i don’t go crazy !

What motivates and inspires you?(films/music/people ect):
I don’t want to sound like i’m accepting an oscar or something, but my mother is my ultimate inspiration, and her and my dad have been so supportive of me, especially when i go to them with odd questions and strange requests (like asking if i can take furniture outside and where one could hire a deer). Music is a very big inspiration too, many a time a song line has led to a photo idea. Books also inspire me, always, the power of words never ceases to amaze me.
Where did you learn how to edit and do you have any tips?: My editing is self taught, and it’s still not very good, i have a tendancy to go over the top. My biggest tip, however, would be to never dismiss an idea that you want to aquire through editing. The sky really is the limit.

Who/what/where are important parts of your photographic process?:
Hmm. The place that most of my photography ideas find me, so i suppose it is the most important place of my photographic process, is my bed. Many a night i have woken up to find illegible scribbles written on my arms or on post it notes stuck to my headboard. I really should get into the habit of keeping a notebook by my bed ! Also all the people who i know on tumblr and flickr play a very important part in the process, by encouraging me and critiquing my photos, and boosting my confidence. I would never be where i am now without them.

Film or digital?: Both ! Film has my heart, but digital is so practical, and it’s good for me since i am very impatient.

Anything else you'd like to share? (favorite bands/movies ect.):
My favourite band is Florence and the Machine, listening to her lyrics is like listening to my thoughts put to music. I could never tell anyone my favourite book, it changes all the time, depending on my mood, but just right now i could say my favourites are " We have always lived in the castle" by Shirley Jackson and "The Lollipop Shoes" (it also goes by the title of "The Girl with No Shadow" ) by Joanne Harris. As for favourite films....i’m rather fond of "I Capture the Castle" (which is also a lovely book) and "Amelie", as well as "Marie Antoinette".

(i also have a portfolio which is currently unavailable, but the link will be on my flickr profile soonish)



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wow so talented

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she is amazing!

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