Sunday, January 17, 2010


Karen said...

Lovely tones in all the photos! Do you just mess with color balance to get those effects? I'm not very good at editing my own pictures. XD

Congrats on the Flickr Pro account! :D

Zelda was a writer said...

WOW!!!! it's a wonderful photo-story!!! and you ate also LINGUINE AL PESTO!! have you ever visited Italy in summer? something very special!
from milan, italy

Hello. said...

These pictures make me smile. I love them so much.

dancing_in_the_rain said...

I wish I live where you live! The beach for the day! I wish! I live in canada... there is currently snow on the ground and beaches are likely to be deserted and partially frozen!

Brigitte said...

i wish we had legit beaches like this
i wish my camera worked so i could take pictures too.
really beautiful.
; ;

Smile said...

wooo thankyou for the comments! :D I've never had so many in one day or post.
I think I tend to overedit pictures sometimes, from now on I'm just going to slap on a simple action. I do a lot of things depending on what the picture looks like.
Also i think using Lukes lens helped alot because my 50mm is kind of annoying to use sometimes.

Zelda: No but i want to! I'm asian and weirdly enough i can't stand asian food probably because i have it all the time. I love italian food and i wish i could have it more.

Dancing in the rain: Oh it's not that great really. i think you just need to find the right spots, but it is a good city though :)

Brigitte: You don't have beaches? :O

Karen said...

What lens does Luke have? XD